Monday, June 27, 2011

I like the blog name "Adventures in and out of Azeroth" However seeing as I don't play World of Warcraft any more, I think I should probably change that. I do like the old looking world map background I just found, but I also like the Dandelion fuz one.
With the Dandelion background a name like "Lazy days and..." would match. I like that name but I don't have many "lazy" days, considering I work at lest 40 hours a week and have a kid, a wife, and a house to keep up on. "Daydreams and Popsicles" Would work, well at lest the day dreams part, I do tend to day dream a lot.
How about "Adventures and Daydreams" or "Daydreams and Lazy days". "Lazy days and daydreams"? Hmm I'll have to think more about this.