Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monsanto poison corn: Untested on humans.

YAY FDA way to show us you’re worthless. At least they should have to tell us what they put into our food, don’t hide it. Monsanto is evil. Untested on humans, rats had organ failure. Right sounds safe to me. Remember how Diamond couldn't say scientific research shows walnuts are good for your heart?

This summer I took a picture of a few GMO corn stalks. I felt sick just looking at it, didn't eat corn or anything with corn for awhile. In the second picture you can see the stick I'm lifting the leaves with. I was afraid to touch them, if you've ever read the book "Life of Pi" you'd probably understand.

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  1. That is just sick! Monsanto is a disgusting excuse for a corporation. The most outrageous thing, to me, is how apathetic most people are, assuming that everything is getting better when greed is actually destroying the world.